Time for bold action on poverty reduction

Helping Hands

On December 4,  2008, the Ontario government responded to community pressure by announcing its Poverty Reduction Strategy – a five year plan targeted at reducing child poverty in the province.  

Over the past five years this has resulted in:

  • a unanimous vote of the Ontario Legislature committing all three parties to poverty reduction
  • legislation requiring all Ontario governments to enact poverty reduction strategy every five years, with targets and policy specifics
  • increases to the Ontario Child Benefit
  • a range of investments in children's dental services and early childhood education
  • improvements to social assistance rates and regulations.

Together, these changes have had an impact. Despite the economic challenges of the last five years, the rate of child poverty in Ontario dropped by almost ten percent - over 40,000 children lifted out of poverty during the first three years of the strategy.

The Ontario Government is in the process of crafting the next Poverty Reduction Strategy.

Tell your MPP that strong action is required to build on the last strategy.

Let’s make sure that the next strategy has the vision and resources needed to build on the progress made for our children during the past five years to lift all Ontarians out of poverty in the coming five years.

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